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Ceramic Coating Services

We take pride in a highly meticulous and thorough treatment that separates us from lesser services. The Gloss Boss is synonymous with quality and well worth the cost over cheap alternatives. We are certified by CarPro to use their exclusive line of CQuartz and DQuartz professional ceramic coatings. Less than 200 installers have been invited to this program in North America over the last decade. If you want a professional company that provides professional results, trust us for your ceramic coating services.

Our ceramic coating service includes

  • A detailed wash of the body, jambs, wheels, engine, and undercarriage

  • Auto Scrub treatment to ensure a smooth surface, free of contamination

  • Optimized gloss and appearance of new and used paint surfaces via expert machine polishing and paint correction

  • Coating of paint, glass, trim, and wheels

  • Your choice of ceramic coating:

DQuartz+CQuartz Silicon Carbide SiC-$1,000+

DQuartz creates an incredibly durable base for CQuartz coatings to go over. The addition of SiC increases surfaces slickness, and resistance to chemicals and staining.

DQuartz+CQuartz Professional $2,000+

CQuartz Professional adds an unmistakably high gloss and slickness to your paint that will be easy to care for for years to come.

DQuartz+CQuartz Finest Reserve $3,000+

CQuartz Finest Reserve features a dense and complex nanostructure that blankets your vehicle in a sophisticated, high-tech layer of protection.

CQuartz Interior Coatings $400+

Bring the same legendary ceramic protection to your leather, carpet, and upholstery to defend against stains, abrasion, and UV rays. Includes cleaning/prep of interior.

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