How long have you been a CQuartz Professional Services shop?

The Gloss Boss has been a CarPro Certified Car Care Center since 2016 and a CQuartz Professional Services Provider since 2017.

What does it mean to be a CQuartz Professional Services Shop?


CQuartz Pro shops signify quality and integrity. Less than 200 shops in North America have been invited to be a part of CQuartz Professional Services since its' founding in 2012. Only after thorough review, training and regular attendance at the installer conference can a shop become and remain an accredited member.

Why CarPro? CQuartz?

CarPro is one of the pioneers of ceramic coating technology and they continue to operate at the cutting edge in the field. While other companies throw huge dollar figures at misleading advertising campaigns, CarPro is busy in their lab innovating and creating some of the best products money can buy.

Who is CQuartz Professional for?


If you are a vehicle owner who cares deeply about the experience of a CQuartz Professional coating treatment and are committed to the vehicle's aftercare, then this service is probably right for you. Any potential CQuartz Professional client (and their vehicle) must meet with us prior to booking this extensive service.

What's included with a CQuartz Professional Service?

  • Complete washing of the vehicle exterior including body, engine bay, door jambs, and all nooks and crannies

  • Wheels are also removed to deep clean the complete wheel and areas not normally cleaned in a typical detail

  • Multiple decontamination steps to remove bonded contaminants from exterior surfaces that normal washing misses

  • Paint correction process to remove virtually all surface defects, including new vehicles (they're not perfect, ask why.)

  • Extremely, glossy and reflective surface after correction that is locked in for multiple years with CQuartz Professional. 2 layers are applied for optimal performance. Paint, wheels, glass, and trim are all coated

  • Complimentary interior detailing

  • CarPro Warranty coverage for the minimum service life of the coating; 2 years. Service life rated as high as 10 years with meticulous after care (ask how)

How do you maintain CQuartz Professional?

Even with CQuartz Professional installed on your paint, surface care is still important. The advantage of CQuartz Professional is how easy the vehicle is to maintain. The Gloss Boss can handle any coating maintenance needs. Pricing depends on how much time has elapsed since it was maintained. We also can provide education to those who would like to maintain their vehicles themselves.