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Full Detail and Full Detail Plus

The Full Detail packages address deep cleaning, conditioning and protection of the exterior, engine bay, jambs, and interior. Our Full Detail Plus adds a gloss enhancing machine polish and durable paint sealant for many months of protection, while the Full Detail includes a spray-on-rinse-off sealant good for up to 3 months.

Full Detail prices start at $350

Full Detail Plus prices start at $650

Paint Correction and Ceramic Coatings

For maximum looks, shine, and long-term protection, the paint correction and ceramic coating processes carried out at The Gloss Boss are second to none. The Gloss Boss has a foundation built on experience and integrity rather than relying on bold, unsubstantiated  claims and lifetime warranties to sell services. You can trust that we take the proper steps to ensure your car is prepared in a professional manner for the best results and detailing experience possible. 

CQuartz UK/Silicon Carbide Coating prices start at $1,500

CQuartz Professional Coating prices start at $2,000

CQuartz Finest Reserve Coating prices start at $2,500 (includes removing and coating wheels)

Prices include decontamination wash and 1-2 steps of paint polishing, installation of coatings to paint, glass, and trim, and infrared forced curing of the vehicle for ultimate coating performance. Call for a quote specific to your vehicle, prices will vary based on size, age, and condition.