Luxury Hand Wash and Dry

Our safe wash process is the ultimate pampering for your vehicle without inducing swirls or scratches commonly created from automatic washes and other improper treatments. The wheels and jambs are first cleaned since they typically are the dirtiest sections of the vehicle, then we pre-treat heavy road film and bugs to loosen before applying a mitt to the vehicle. We then employ the multi-mitt washing method to eliminate cross contamination by switching to a new mitt every couple sections. The vehicle is then rinsed with soft water and dried with a combination of soft drying towels and a vehicle blow dryer. Tires are dressed and interior glass is cleaned. Prices are $75 and up depending on vehicle size.

Wash, Clay, and Seal

For a deeper clean with added protection, this service fits the bill. We pick up where the Luxury Hand Wash and Dry finishes by performing a decontamination process know as a clay bar treatment. This specialized piece of clay is gently rubbed on the surface with a lubricant to pick up embedded dirt and other contaminants that normal washing wont remove without scratching the surface. Think of this as an exfoliation of the paint. We then apply a sealant to the paint, glass, and wheels to protect these surfaces and increase water beading for up to 3 months. Prices are $150 and up depending on vehicle size.


The perfect fit between our Wash, Clay, and Seal and our more intensive Paint Correction Services. A specialty rubbing compound is machine-applied after washing and a clay bar treatment that employs a triple action treatment that simultaneously glosses, protects, and shines paint. The built in sealant is designed to last 3-6 months. Prices are $225 and up depending on vehicle size.

Interior "Fluff"

Just need a vacuum and a bit of dust knocked off the interior but don't need a deeper cleaning? This service does just that. We start by air-purging any nooks and crannies and then dusting and vacuuming up all the loose dust and debris and wiping all the surfaces with a soft damp microfiber cloth. If your vehicle has stains and heavy dirt or grime check out the Interior Detail service below. Prices are $75 and up depending on size.

Interior Detail

We spend the vast majority of our time inside the vehicle, so it makes sense to give it a deep clean and protection just like the outside on a regular basis. Every surface from the headliner, to the grimy steering wheel, dash, console, and vents, to the dirty pedals, carpets and kick panels is thoroughly and deeply cleansed and protected with a conditioner that doesn't shine or collect dust like a magnet. If your interior feels more like a truck stop restroom then this service is up your ally! Prices are $225 and up depending on size.

Tar and Sap Removal

Are you constantly driving through road construction and improvements that leave those pesky black specs on your paint? Do you park near a tree that drops little presents on your paint that seem impossible to remove? Our specialty chemicals and gentle process removes these stubborn deposits with ease. We perform our Luxury Hand Wash and dry along with this service to safely carry out the removal of these undesirables. Prices are $125 and up depending on size, and the severity of the tar or sap.

Emblem, Sticker, and Decal Removal

Auto makers and dealers love to let everyone know that you are driving their vehicle. Do you desire a cleaner appearance that isn't full of those pesky "advertisements"? We can remove pretty much any emblem, sticker, or decal, making it look like it was never there. Prices are $25 and up depending on the size, location, and complexity of what you would like removed.

Overspray Removal

Did a painting project paint some other places that you didn't intend such as your vehicle? Don't worry, we are highly experienced with overspray removal as we have been employed to removed it from dozens of cars over the years. Prices are $400 and up depending on severity of overspray and the vehicle size assuming is has covered the vehicle in full. Occasionally overspray may only land on a limited section. We quote those jobs individually in person, so call and schedule a quote today.