New Car Prep

The new car prep rectifies the many issues that can arise from the time your vehicle goes through final assembly until it is parked on the showroom floor. Vehicles come from the factory without any protection on their myriad surfaces. When you bring your new vehicle to us we can discuss our many options to make your new vehicle look even better and protect it from the environment. Popular services for new cars are machine polishing to remove dealership wash marks, ceramic coatings and antimicrobial interior coatings. 


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Paint Correction

Paint correction is 21st century terminology for "buffing". Paint correction has the ability to remove wash marks, buffer swirls, sanding marks, stains (from hard water, bugs and bird droppings), light scratches (in the topmost paint layer), dust nibs, texture, drips, sags, runs, etc. Our paint correction details include a complimentary interior vacuum, tire and wheel cleaning, and window cleaning. 


Starting at $400

Ceramic Coatings

The best hand applied paint protection used to be wax, then is was a synthetic sealant. Now, ceramic coatings are the latest and greatest in hand applied protection. Ceramic coatings made for the automotive industry are largely silicon dioxide based, the same material that gives your pans a non-stick surface and glass its' hardness.

A ceramic coating can do for you and your car what no other type of protection before it could. The high level of chemical resistance blocks stains from reaching the clear coat and in most instances can easily be removed from the coating with no damage to the coating itself. The incredible self cleaning effect allows not only water to roll right off the surface in tremendous fashion, but resists the build up from dirt and grime, making intervals between washing longer. When it comes time to wash your ceramic coated vehicle, you'll be amazed at the ease with which dirt and grime come off and the fact that you didn't have to spend all day to get it looking great again.

While many ceramic coating companies exist today, we choose CQuartz coatings manufactured by CarPro. They are a pioneer in the field of ceramic coatings and detailing chemicals and remain to this day at the cutting edge of technology. You may not have heard of them because they focus the vast majority of their budget on their product development. However, those who know will tell you that CarPro and CQuartz make some of the best coatings and chemicals money can buy, and at the end of the day that what I want to work with in my shop in order to provide the best results. 


Starting at: 1 year coating $400, 2 year coating $800, 4 year certified installer-only coating $1,600.

Interior Detailing

When your vehicle's cabin needs a bit more than just a vacuum and a dusting, our interior detail fits the bill. It doesn't matter where the grime hides, we will come for it even if we have to do some minor disassembly or take the seats out. Through the use of steam and hot water shampooing equipment, powerful, yet neutral cleaning chemicals, our interior detailing can give your faith in your vehicle again.